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jewellery repair

Intricate jewellery repairs in Ballymena

Is your favourite jewellery piece broken? All is not lost, bring your precious item to our goldsmiths

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Restore your precious jewellery

Is a diamond stone missing in your ring? Not to worry, bring it to the experts at Robin Adair Jewellers, we can replace it. We offer quality repairs and alterations to your gold, silver and platinum jewellery. Get in touch with our team for expert repairs and alterations.

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Highly skilled goldsmith

Our team at Robin Adair Jewellers are highly experienced and knowledgeable. All our work is fully insured for your peace of mind, and all repair work is carried out locally, meaning that there are no risks involved with lost postage.


Additionally, we can also assess your jewellery for any maintenance needs and our jewellery appraisal is completely free of charge. 

watch being repaired

Our jewellery repairs include:

• Replacement of gemstones, diamonds and pearls
• Re-tipping or replacement of claws
• Soldering
• Re-rhodium plating
• Cleaning and polishing
• Engraving
• Re-sizing and re-modelling
• Watch repairs and battery replacements
Insurance valuation

Pearl and bead restringing

Have pearls come loose from your necklace? Bring it to our experts at Robin Adair Jewellers today. We can bring your old or broken jewellery back to life. You can choose from knotted or un-knotted finishes and we can also replace the clasp if required. All the work is undertaken in our premises and the turnaround time is approximately 1 week.

Jewellery repairs and valuations: Collections

Restore that glorious shine

If your jewellery has lost what made it your pride and joy all those years ago, bring it to our exceptional goldsmiths who can make it look like new. Call today for all enquiries or visit our online store to see our fabulous jewellery collection.

028 2564 1470

Robin Adair Jewellers

126 Church St


BT43 6DF

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