Robin Adair Jewellers

Traditional & Contemporary Gold, Silver & Diamond Jewellery

Quality Jewellery Repairs, Alterations & Insurance Valuations

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Here at Robin Adair Jewellers we offer quality repairs and alterations to your gold, silver & platinum jewellery.

Repairs include:

  • replacing diamonds, gemstones & pearls
  • re-tipping or replacing of claws
  • re-rhodium plating
  • Soldering

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Additional services include:

  • re-sizing
  • re-modelling
  • engraving
  • insurance valuation
  • cleaning & polishing
  • pearl restringing
  • watch repairs

All of our work is fully insured and carried out by a highly skilled goldsmith.  The work is carried out locally which means there are no risks involved in lost postage. 

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Restringing Pearls & Beads 

Pearl and bead restringing is a fantastic service available from us to bring your old or broken jewellery back to life.  You can opt for knotted or unknotted finishes and also replace the clasp if required.  All the work is carried out on the premises and has a turn around of approximately 1 week.