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Fiorelli Chakra Pendant

Fiorelli Chakra Pendant

SKU: P5262

Crafted in recycled sterling silver and featuring stunning crystals, these pendants feature beautiful representations of the Chakra symbols on one side and a stunning colour representation of the Chakra on the other. You choose which way you would like to wear the pendant, and with an extendable chain length of 41cm-46cm you can layer your Chakras according to your needs. The chakras are an important set for our mindset collection. Focused on well-being, each chakra has a specific symbolic meaning.

THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA - Allows us to be more aware of the world and focus on the bigger picture.

SKU: P5262
Material: Recycled Sterling Silver
Metal Plating: Platinum
Weight: 1.97g
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